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Core Services

Maintaining a home can be different for many people. Florida, being the retirement Capital of the U.S., we have found that there are many services that the retired segment of our community would like to have, as well as additional regular maintenance on their homes. Therefore we will offer the following 4 general services to accommodate the needs of all homeowners in the Citrus County, Florida area!

1} Senior Saviors Plan! This is an annual agreement, payable monthly, that will entitle you to have a qualified professional come TO YOUR HOME for one full hour, every month, and take care of all those little things, or nuisance items you can't, or just don't want to do anymore! 
Fix a leaky faucet, tree trimming, clean gutters, pressure wash the home, steam clean your carpet, or just change some light bulbs,.. you name it. 
Easy to assemble? We'll assemble that for you too, and even pick the item up from the store for you if you like!
Click Here for the details on our fantastic Senior Saviors Program! A must service for the truly retired crowd!!

2} Paver Pros! This a Specialty Division of Progressive Home Design! Nobody, and we mean NOBODY can beat our quality and price on a paver job. We keep our overhead WAY down, and pass the savings STRAIGHT to you!
No Fancy Offices, Fancy Cars, Expensive Commercial Buildings, or extravagant lunches here at P.H.D.!
Our mission is to spend YOUR Money Wisely. 
We refuse to use the cheap "Super Home Improvement Center" products.
We will spend Your Hard Earned Money on the BEST quality materials, Top Notch Labor, and Fully Insure the work to boot!! 
You really don't want to pay for all of those nice things for us anyway, DO YOU??????

3} General Upkeep! While our Senior Saviors Plan can take care of many small tasks for you throughout the year, you may have larger projects from time to time. New carpeting, flooring, kitchen cabinets, new gutters, shutters, or some other larger project. Free Proposals will be given on these projects. The price quoted will be the price paid for the work specified in the agreement. There will be no hidden costs, or contract language to the contrary. The agreement will be fulfilled in timely, professional and workmanship like manner. 

4} Professional Assistance! P.H.D. can also help you with projects outside the scope of our normal operations.
For your protection, Florida requires certain types of work to be performed by State, or County licensed trades people.
Some projects may need to be performed by P.H.D. in conjunction with various licensed trades people.
We can greatly assist you in the coordination of the various services you would need in addition to those provided by P.H.D. itself to ensure your project is done by quality workers and in full compliance with Florida Law.

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